Network Security

       In today’s environment, your network and data are constantly under threat from hacking and unauthorized access and finding a way to secure both is proving to be an ongoing challenge. We are pleased to advise that A-1 Electronics Limited can help you secure your network and workforce as we are now the authorized representative for Duo, a world leading network security system. With its Multi Factor Authentication, thousands of organizations worldwide trust Duo to protect their companies, including Facebook, Panasonic, MIT and Cisco.

Access Security for Everyone, from Any Device, Anywhere

For organizations of all sizes that need to protect sensitive data at scale, Duo is the user-friendly zero-trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications.

Secure your workforce with Duo’s zero trust security platform and

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is the foundation for zero trust. Duo verifies that your users are who they say they are, before they access your data — and with multiple second-factor options, including one-touch Duo Push, users can easily authenticate in seconds.

Device Trust 

Monitor the health of every device across your organization in real-time, whether it’s corporate-managed or not. With Duo’s device trust features, you can customize access requirements at the device level, and because it’s a cloud-based solution, you’ll stay ahead of the latest security threats.

Adaptive Access Policies 

Grant your users just the right amount of access. Duo’s advanced policy enforcement capabilities let you define security requirements at the user, device, and application level, based on contextual factors like location and update status.

Remote Access 

Enable your mobile workforce without compromising your company’s data. Duo provides modern remote access solutions and protects existing IT infrastructure, making it easy to onboard new employees and contractors and allowing employees to work on the go.

Single Sign-On 

Duo’s cloud-based SSO grants users secure access to all protected applications (on-premises or cloud-based) through a uniform, frictionless interface that’s accessible from anywhere.

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